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Tumblr Abstinenz =}}

Hello my followers,

i am so sorry i wasn’t on this much the past couple of day’s or weeks?!?! going through some and lots of stuff…i was literally like

as i came back this morning. I have lots to catch up on in the next day’s …i missed tumblr much and some really close once too…

so i have to and i want….give me time rorr.. ;) ♥

To all my new followers, thank you very much for following me!! ♥ I try what i can, do follow you back….thank you!! :) ♥

Now….HAPPY Sunday to all of you!!

Travis Fimmel photographed by Tony Duran actor of Vikings

OMFG….i die…can’t wait to see this badass back on screen tomorrow or for me on friday…whatever oh my godness … ♥ __ ♥

…shapes and colours is all i see *_* Just me, my tattoo year’s in some day’s. It mean’s soo much to me… KOI NO YOKAN!! ♥

tumblr theme *_*

Time to change my tumblr theme..i have this one since i started nearly two years ago and i am little over it..hope you all will like the new theme too my followers…the theme will be still be dark ;) in which way ever (how i like it) …but i am always interest in what my followers think, so let me know how you like it ;) :) Beautiful sunday to you all!! ♥

I know i know i know i am late with it but yeah….was my reaction as i saw i got some new followers ♥ too on my blog and a reaction of some others…mon dieu..i want to say thx to all my new followers and special to my old once which are still stay by my side…i am quite stressed inbetween and can’t be so much on tumblr and my laptop is a bitch to me since november last year only can be a **he**how he sorry when i don’t get to post on some days and yes i miss it…but life gets me sometimes and suxxx me in *in full mood*…ok enough..beautiful rest of the week my followers!!! ..(…i am still here ;) )…^_^^^ ♥